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I walked over ten miles today between work and home/mommy duties. Managed to eak out a drawing for inktober in the moments after groceries and just before bed. Ballpoint pen, some markers, and a touch of colored pencil.

Mouse is pretty excited to take the train today! 

Day 3 of inktober, mouse starts decorating with a mini pumpkin 

First day of inktober I happened to be able to do an urban sketch in a nice plaza in Southlake, TX. 

musician singing in a deserted courtyard
Today was pretty busy so I had to just draw anything and I came out with this mouse- he’s thinking about exploring. 

 I got the book Drawing is Magic for Christmas. Here are some drawings that popped up in the blank spaces of the book! 

drawing pens

some of my fav drawing pens






Illustration Friday 9/18- Totem

Totem, mixed media, Kristine Tague