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What a great little post and cover reveal!

Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

I’m thrilled to host the cover reveal for a story I have longed to see in print. The lovely Marcie Colleen is here to show it to you and tell the tale of her own literary love triangle…on Valentine’s Day no less!!!

by Marcie Colleen

When I first set out to write a picture book titled LOVE, TRIANGLE (see the origin of the idea for the book here) I just wanted to tell a punny story that hopefully someone would want to publish someday. But my meager expectations were highly exceeded. In fact, the entire journey of this book has been unlike anything I could have ever imagined and I have my very own “triangle of amazing-ness” to thank.

First, my agent, Susan Hawk, who first realized the potential in this story when it was simply a concept pitched to her during our courting phase. And although it took me almost…

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I’m joining in again this year!

Oh, Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore… That’s right, Picture Book Idea Month has been blown away by STORYSTORM! Need to know why? Check here. STORYSTORM is a mont…

Source: STORYSTORM 2017 Registration is Open!

Day 3 of inktober, mouse starts decorating with a mini pumpkin 

An illustration of a picnic basket for an upcoming scbwi event in my area:

And here it is before I retouched it:

I think my husband’s advice to fix the crosshatch was helpful.

I also framed one of my Chicago watercolors over the weekend, love how it looks in its frame!

boat floats in harbor and planetarium fades in the distance

twilight looking out at the lake


I only know some of David Bowie’s songs- but they are ageless crafted and artsy and fun. Here’s my doodle for today.  


 rosa parks work in progress sketch