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Some days were harder than others, and some ideas will be scrapped, but I now have two notebook pages of ideas written down. Now to pick one or two to start writing and see what happens.

I can’t hear out of my right ear at the moment. So frustrating at work! And then there’s the sinus pressure that’s starting to build. Hoping the doc can help me out today. My left ear is going stuffy as well. Humidifiers and hot steam and nasal spray haven’t been helping. I feel like my head is in a cloud.  And I can’t draw hands today. Sigh. i cant hear that 

 dont be afraid of doing what is right 

I only know some of David Bowie’s songs- but they are ageless crafted and artsy and fun. Here’s my doodle for today.  


 rosa parks work in progress sketch 

Just some birds I drew for National Bird Day!

 I got the book Drawing is Magic for Christmas. Here are some drawings that popped up in the blank spaces of the book! 

drawing pens

some of my fav drawing pens


Just a quick sketch using watercolors, pen, and colored pencils of the trolley in Dallas from reference photos. 


I got to do a fun side project at work the other day – made a card for a coworker that moved away to a different location. Here’s some fun elements I created to put in the care package and card.

smiling sunshine

illustration of airplane