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Its been a bit since I’ve posted here – been a little busy and I’ve somehow unlinked my phone from my wordpress which makes it a tad harder to post.

I did a quick digital painting today off a Photograph from Reddit just for practice. Its from a photo someone took in southern Texas, quite beautiful out there. Maybe eventually I’ll actually go.


I’ve been keeping very busy with SCBWI (just did an interview on the North Texas SCBWI blog with award winning artist Terry Widener) and work and other things (instagram) but I keep trying to find time for personal projects. Here’s an illustration that I started with traditionally, but then added additional texture digitally. It lost a bit of the color when I imported it…but I kinda am ok with it. Its now the header on the North Texas Illustrator newsletters I send out periodically.


Finally, I’ve been really keeping up with my sketches on my KristineDraws Facebook page. I really have some days where the art works, others, well not so much.

Next goal: finish updating my actual website. It went down early this year and I’ve yet to sit down and update all the pieces. Also, take some of my sketches and make them a series of finished pieces that I’m happy with.


Progressing slowly on making this quick sketch into a finished piece. Still needs work but don’t want to overwork it either. PS – I love panda bear cubs!



I got to do a fun side project at work the other day – made a card for a coworker that moved away to a different location. Here’s some fun elements I created to put in the care package and card.

smiling sunshine

illustration of airplane


This isn’t a REAL wine label, just my entry for a contest at work. I let my husband art direct me on this one.



Playing with some new digital watercolor brushes I got, started with a pencil sketch and then did some washes.

starting sketch of babe ruth quote



The way a team plays as a whole determines its success

The way a team plays as a whole determines its success

mixed media illustration of Babe Ruth

And the final card


We had a contest at the company and this is my award-winning submission. I sketched this out and then did it in illustrator, I’m excited to say that I won one of the runner-up prizes.

Live in the Vineyard label contest entry

Live in the Vineyard label contest entry


I don’t really like how this came out but it was still good practice in illustrator.