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Drew while watching a short interview of Milton Glaser that Adobe put out. I love his expressive eyes. 

Art Is Work

 sketchy milton glaser (sorta) 


Detail of a sketch for a new idea using a blackwing and crayons  


I can’t hear out of my right ear at the moment. So frustrating at work! And then there’s the sinus pressure that’s starting to build. Hoping the doc can help me out today. My left ear is going stuffy as well. Humidifiers and hot steam and nasal spray haven’t been helping. I feel like my head is in a cloud.  And I can’t draw hands today. Sigh. i cant hear that 

I only know some of David Bowie’s songs- but they are ageless crafted and artsy and fun. Here’s my doodle for today.  


Just some birds I drew for National Bird Day!

She just keeps showing up in my margins.  


Worked a charity comedy show tonight. Lots of drinking smiling laughing people!