The point of this blog, draw each day,  is to make me get into the habit of drawing each day and to get over the fear of judgement over my drawings. I want to post a drawing each day and most will probably be quick and not perfect. The point is just to do a drawing and get over the fear of making a bad drawing. I hope to do this for 365 days in a row, and since I’m getting married this year, it will be more difficult some days, but that’s o.k.  I will probably draw anything and everything, along with stuff out of my head, things that are realistic or abstract. Who knows! I hope that people will enjoy the things I document here, and I hope to learn from this process.

Update: 4/12/2013  I’ve been consistently posting here, especially now that I’m post wedding, and now I’m working on doing drawings over a few days and posting my progress here. Some days I will still do fast one-day illustrations but I’m trying to build my portfolio.

Update 1/1/2016

Have a kid now and lots of other responsibilities so I don’t get to post every day. But I’m trying to post more often this year!


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